If you love the Philbrook Valley "just the way it is", consider who the stewards have been for the last 130+ years.  This is the Philbrook community.  Welcome!

We've got:

- no paved roads to get here

- no electricity

- no TV or cable

- no phone service

- no cell service

- no garbage service

- a lake that turns to mud in 8 weeks

- no access for 7 months a year

Isn't it great?

Philbrook Forum

Philbrook Forum

Ham Radio Communications

Local valley simplex:  147.525 Mhz

FOTHL repeater:     146.700 Mhz, -offset, 110.9

     (links to Butte Co. SAR Comm. Reserve public repeater)

High Lakes simplex:   146.445 Mhz


This is the most accurate site to get current weather.  Or just use, 'subtract 4 degrees per 1000 feet elevation gain'.

NWS 7-Day Point Forecast