Community Resources

These are some of the members of the Philbrook Community Association with expertise available to the Association.  You could consider them "our staff".

Fire Safety

     Bob Rice (cabin B) - retired Captain - CDF (CalFire) (also Bald Mtn lookout)

Fish and Wildlife

     Gayland Taylor (cabin 9) - retired Warden - CA Fish & Game

     Tom Richardson (cabin 10) - retired biologist - US Fish & Wildlife

     John McKeon (cabin E) - Fisheries Biologist - NOAA

Flora & Fauna

     Brooks Taylor (cabin 9) - Regulatory Biologist - CalTrans

          ▪     special expertise in inter-agency communications

     Anne Stephens (cabin B) - Prof. Natural Sciences - CSU, Chico - and good at finding things     

     Kerry Byrne - (cabin E) - Biologist

Watershed Restoration

     Cathy McKeon (cabin E) - Civil Engineer - Rau & Associates

     ▪     special expertise in drainage design, creek restoration and environmental permitting

Water Quality

     Kate Ely (cabin 12) - Hydrologist & Hydrogeologist - Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

     Gary Henderson (cabin 28) - CA Department of Water Resources, Oroville Field Division

Environmental Engineering

     Tom McKeon (cabin E) - Consulting Engineer

     ▪     water resource management, water quality, and restoration


Roads and Engineering

     Matt McKeon (cabin E) - Civil Engineer - CalTrans

     ▪     construction engineering expertise for roads, bridges, retaining walls &buildings

Law Enforcement

     at least 3 of our finest are members of PCA - they prefer to remain anonymous - for obvious reasons

Solar & Wind Energy Systems

     Nick Repanich (cabin D) - Prof. Mechatronic Engineering - CSU, Chico

Real Estate

     David Seifert (cabin 7) - Appraiser


     Matt Darlington (cabin 4) - attorney

     Dennis Byrne (cabin E) - attorney


     Doc Hamilton (cabin I), MD, but no blood please

     Tori Seifert (cabin 7), RN


     Phil Sunseri (cabin 2)

     Paul Stephens (cabin B) - can build anything

Communications (ham radio)

     Nick Repanich (cabin D, N6RCJ)

     other local licensed ham operators in the valley are:

          Dorna Andersen (cabin AA, K9DLA)

          Todd Dahleen (cabin 5, K3GMB)

          Deborah Merritt (cabin AA, K9ZKR)

          Bryan Taylor (cabin 9, TBD)

          Suzy Repanich (cabin D, K9SUZ)

          Darryl Merrin (cabin 27, KJ6CXM)

          Paul Stephens (cabin B, K9ROX)

          Anne Stephens (cabin B, W6DCI)

          David Rice (cabin B, W6NUC)

          Keegan Kirby (Pearce cabin), KI6OXV

     ▪     and several more considering it now that the Morse code requirement has been dropped

Liaison to Friends of the High Lakes

     Darryl Merrin (cabin 27)

     Nick Repanich (cabin D)